About Lugat

Lugat – complex of Kazakh dictionaries. Lugat – non-commercial public domain with the aim of proposing free dictionary service.

History of Lugat starts from April 2012. Initially, the idea was only creating Kazakh-English online dictionary, which we had done so. However, in autumn of 2012, new explanatory dictionary of Kazakh language added. Afterwards, in the beginning of 2013, one by one added spelling dictionary, regional dictionary and dictionary of synonyms. At the end of 2013 Kazakh-Russian dictionary added. All in all, in at the start of the year 2014 Lugat consisted of 8 dictionaries with total vocabulary of 350 00 phrases.

In summer 2014, crowdsourcing platform was the new idea of the team. Crowdsourcing platform meant that any user of the service can add new word or phrase. Basically, now users became moderators. This decision is helping a lot. First reason, two new dictionaries appeared on the service. Arabic and Turkish dictionaries are creating by the help of users. These moderators are responsible for the content of the dictionaries. Second reason of it, with the help of crowdsourcing platform total vocabulary of Lugat reached 534 000.

Now let us look at the statistics:
English-kazakh dictionary - 113315 words
Kazakh-english dictionary - 113315 words
Kazakh-russian dictionary - 95118 words
Russian-kazakh dictionary - 95118 words
Kazakh explanotary dictionary - 84696 words
Kazakh-Turkish dictionary - 41773 words
Turkish-Kazakh dictionary - 41773 words
Dialectical Dictionary - 16862 words
spelling dictionary - 16540 words
Synonymous dictionary of Kazakh language - 8246 words
Kazakh-arabic vocabulary - 2605 words
Арабша-қазақша сөздік - 2605 words

As a result of crowdsourcing platform we are creating team. We called it Lugat team. Now lets meet our team and what they are doing.
Aibek Ozhken
Bakytzhan Ergali
Chief consultant
Arman Almenbet
Kazakh language specialist
Dauren Buribay
IT specialist
Assylkhan Uisinbayev
Kazakh-Russian dictionary
work on non-found words
Nurkhan Kalkamanuly
Explanotary words
work on non-found words
Gulim Bekzhigitova
Ecological dictionary (Kazakh-English)
Creating dictionary
7803 words
Maral Demeu
Political dictionary (Explanotary)
Creating dictionary
1003 words.
Akerke Orazgalieva
Legal Dictionary ( Kazakh dictionary)
Creating dictionary
Alisher Gerey
Kazakh-Arabic dictionary
Creating dictionary
657 words.
Bauyrzhan Abdikadyr
Kazakh-Arabic dictionary
Creating dictionary
9 words.

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As Lugat is non-commercial project we are in need of foreign investment and support from outside.
At the moment, we need support to solve following issues:
• Technical issues (to boost speed of website, increase hosting opportunity)
• Informational issues (collect vocabulary from different sources, converting dictionaries into e-version, purchasing copyrights of dictionaries)
• Advertisement issues (ads on TV, newspaper and journal, paid ads on internet, placing a banner to partner sites)
• Human Resource (attracting new team members, registering Lugat on different sites and platforms, IT developers)

Our gratitude goes to websites and platforms who supported us by spreading and promoting. They are Kerekinfo, Surak-Zhauap, Namys, Massaget, Martebe, Institute of State Language, faculty of Linguistics of Karagandy State University.

Special thanks to tutor of faculty of Linguistics Lazzat Kozhakhmetova and Zhanar Kozha for their support and care.

In addition to this, we honor our sponsor "Natige" , who always supports us financially.

If you want to support us financially our details are following
Bank transfer:
KazKom: 4003 0327 2839 4869 Aibek Ozhkenov

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